Welcome to the WOCNext 2019 ENGAGE Challenge! This is a friendly competitive game that encourages live stream attendees to engage with one another all while earning badges and points for each achievement reached. The more you do, the more points and badges you receive!

Click on the "Achievements" tab to see the challenges that are available, the number of points earned and the badges that can be earned. Be sure to check back to view your progress throughout the event.

The individual with the highest amount of points* will be awarded a FREE registration to WOCNext 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Note: Some achievements are earned during live sessions. As a result, some badges may not appear on the leader board until the session(s) conclude.

Game rules: Achievements must be earned no later than 12:30 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. The winner will be contacted via email within 2 weeks after the event. 

*In the event of a tie, a winner will be drawn.

Overall Leaderboard
Rank Name Badges Points

Challenge accepted! You’ll find below the various challenges, points and badges you’re eligible to earn throughout the live event. Once you have completed each achievement, your points along with your badge will be awarded and displayed on the leader board!

Challenge Accepted (10)

Achieved by visiting the WOCNext 2019 ENGAGE Challenge Page. 

Chat Rookie (20)

Achieved by live chatting 10 time during a live session(s).

Chat Master (60)

Achieved by live chatting 30 times during a live session(s).

Picture Perfect (30)

Achieved by adding your profile picture during a live session.

Profile Warrior (30)

Achieved by updating your profile during a live session.

Eco-Friendly (50)

Achieved by downloading materials in the handouts tab from 10 sessions.

Inspired By (50)

Achieved by attending the 5 of 6 General sessions.

Sponsor Supporter (30)

Achieved by visiting Hollister's sponsor page.

Voice Your Opinion (100)

Achieved by submitting 13 session Evaluations.

Valedictorian (150)

Achieved by attending 13 total sessions.

Education Seeker

Achieved by attending 2 Symposia sessions.


Achieved by achieving ALL badges.