Apply to the OCA Program

Apply to be a Course Coordinator or Clinical Skills Instructor (CSI)! 

Before applying to be a Course Coordinator or Clinical Skills Instructor (CSI) please take a moment to review the criteria and responsibilities for each position.

Download Course Coordinator Criteria and Responsibilities

Download WTA CSI Criteria and Responsibilities

Apply here to be a Course Coordinator and facilitate the learning of the OCA Program at your institution.

If you need assistance with the competency portion of the course, please have your colleagues apply to be a Clinical Skills Instructor (CSI).

Application Process:

  • Click the button below to submit your application. Please note, the application does not save so it must be completed and submitted all at once.
  • Applicants must submit a resume/CV with the application. Instructions for how to do this can be found within the application itself.
  • Applicants will be notified via email within 14 days after their application is submitted.
  • If the application is submitted incomplete the applicant will be notified via email. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

    Pricing for Three-Year License:
    The price is a flat fee of $2,500 for a three-year license, plus $150 per program participant (for up to 100 participants).

    If you would like to purchase this program for your institution you must first ask a WOC nurse to apply to be your Course Coordinator. Please direct any questions you have to


    If you are applying to be a Course Coordinator you do not need to also apply to be a CSI.

    Apply as a course cordinator

    Apply as a Clinical Skills Instructor