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WOCN Conference 2017

PP415 - Pediatric Wound Care: One Size Does Not Fit All When Caring For Children

Standard: $5.00


Children have the benefits of youth to help with wound healing. The challenges of wound care in children relate less to their comorbidities, but are linked to the pediatric population’s developmental needs. Addressing a child’s developmental needs can build a trusting relationship with someone that they may see every day and for months at a time. This trust alleviates the procedural anxiety that children may develop with long term wound care. The demands of wound care can override the relationship a Wound Ostomy and Continence (WOC) RN builds with patients of any age. Strengthen the bond with a child can not only improve care given by the family, but other care providers as well. The WOC RN often role models approaches for others health care provider to improve wound care delivery by all who interact with a child.

Pediatric wound care may require different modalities versus the care of adults. This presentation will discuss the developmental stages of children and how a WOC RN can use these stages to not only improve the care they provide, but the outcomes for pediatric patients as well. Each developmental stage will be discussed with specific strategies for dressing changes and the prevention of skin injury to include products benefits and nursing consideration for pediatric/neonatal patients.


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