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WOCN Conference 2017

S08 - Changing the Perception of Safety in Your Facility

Standard: $5.00


session is led by thought leaders who come from the front lines to lead you
in creating a new level of the culture of safety in your unit. We will
explore the intersection of skin injury and patient handling injury and the
issues surrounding them. By tackling these challenges, we can make safety a
priority for both patients and staff.

Safety for our patients is a high priority in every unit. We can deliver
value to our patients and our facilities by creating a culture of safety.
This course will provide you the most current programs and clinical data to
improve patient care on your unit.

In order to meet the priority of patient safety, we also need to recognize
the inherent risk our nurses face during patient handling to deliver this
high level of care. Through education and proper tools that fit easily into
the workflow at the bedside, we can provide safety to our nurses. This will
help us to create the culture of safety necessary to deliver the best care


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