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WOCN Conference 2018

S03 - Using Evidence Based Data to Promote Peristomal Skin Health In Your Practice

Jun 2, 2018 6:30pm ‐ Jun 2, 2018 8:00pm

Standard: $5.00


The healthcare environment is complicated and ever changing. Today’s healthcare requires clinicians to provide excellent care but there is increasing pressure to do more with less. For the WOC nurse, it means you are being asked to see more patients with fewer resources, work longer hours, all while documenting good outcomes.

Compounding the issues is a greater focus on cost of care. Consequently, institutions and distributors may be narrowing product selection, giving the clinician and the patient less access to products.

In order to preserve access to a variety of products, there is a need for evidence in ostomy care. There is a movement towards evidence based decision making to support the “art and science” solutions practiced across the nation. WOC nurses need access to the tools, resources and evidence to support the decisions made in their practice.

Learning Objective:

  • This presentation will focus on bridging the gap between WOC nurse art and science and present the results of the ADVOCATE Study — a randomized controlled trial comparing new ostomy barrier technology with current ostomy barriers. Understand how such evidence is clinically meaningful to your practice and your patient’s outcomes.


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