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Putting it all together: The WOCN Society’s Decision Support Algorithm for Body Worn Absorbent Products (BWAP)

‐ Jun 23, 2019 12:40pm

Credits: None available.

Supported by Domtar Personal Care

Selection, evaluation and use of Body Worn Absorbent Products lies at the heart of continence nursing and the newest statement from the WOCN Society concerning continence specialty practice and full scope WOC practice in the area of continence. This interactive session provides a case-based introduction to the Society's latest algorithm for use of body worn absorbent products. You will not want to miss this unveiling of the latest tool designed specifically for your practice as a WOC nurse.

Learner Outcome:

  • The learner will use the clinical decision making algorithm in simulated patient scenarios and adapt this tool to their daily clinical practice.



Credits: None available.