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WOCNext 2020 Reimagined

300 - Simple Measures to Manage the Biggest Post-Pandemic Challenges

Jun 6, 2020 5:15pm ‐ Jun 6, 2020 6:15pm

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In the past few months, you’ve experienced a rollercoaster of unimaginable illness, isolation and loss accompanied by healing and strength. The mix of emotion and trauma is difficult to overcome. And if that wasn’t enough, you’re now facing the fear and uncertainty of furloughs and RIFs; something unheard of in the industry of healthcare. 

The pain is real, and the worry is all-consuming. One thing to set your sights on is the fact that nurses have always been part of the solution. You bring strength, creativity, heart, and skill to this world and if anyone can overcome, it is you.

In our time together, we’re going to dive into the reality of what is, explore the promise of possibility, and leave you inspired and motivated to come out of this situation better than ever.


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