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WOCNext 2020 Reimagined

403 - Chronic Tissue Injury: Recognizing & Publishing Clinical Issues

Jun 7, 2020 2:00pm ‐ Jun 7, 2020 3:00pm

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Recent literature regarding skin failure, pressure injury, moisture-associated skin damage, and friction skin injury has expanded information providing additional clarification for healthcare providers to classify tissue injury. However, there is a unique tissue injury on the buttocks that is not captured in the current classification systems. Specifically, this tissue injury is characterized as purple maroon discoloration, with or without skin breakdown, located on the fleshy portion of the buttocks not necessarily over a bony prominence. The tissue injury has two distinguishing factors; the injury results in a chronic skin condition and the discoloration does not resolve or deteriorate. Currently, there is not a classification for this type of injury, which in turn leads to incorrect identification, disparate classification, and poor interrater reliability. The focus of this lecture is to raise awareness of this unique tissue injury. Ultimately, the goal is to have consistent terminology to describe tissue injury in skin classification systems for correct and reliable selection by all healthcare providers.

In addition, the lecture will cover how the authors identified the clinical problem and the process it took to bring the clinical issue to publication. We sincerely hope to stimulate clinical nurses in the field to publish their ideas. Clinical practice drives healthcare reform, and there is a great need for publications to substantiate the evidence.


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