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S02 - What's Technology Got To Do With It?

‐ Jun 24, 2021 12:15pm

Supported by Hillrom

As a society, we have embraced technology in our homes and lives. As professionals, we have embraced technology in our work … well, hold on there …sometimes we have. Technology has been developed to help us find early changes in the skin and soft tissue to identify pressure injuries not yet visible. Technology has also been invented to help us track which patients need to be turned, how high the interface pressure is under them and to signal staff to move high risk patients. And there is more…there are devices that wick away urine and signal the nurse that the patient has voided. Apps also exist to bring us closer to guidelines for our work. So why am I comfortable with cruise control on my car, but not with an app to tell me the patient needs to be turned? This session will introduce you to the developed technologies for pressure injury prevention and perhaps change your view of technology for pressure injury prevention!

Learning Objective:

  • Describe advances in technology that can assist with pressure injury prevention.