Ms. Myra F. Varnado BS, RN, CWON, CFCN

Director of Clinical Services, Corstrata

Myra Varnado has been a WOC Nurse for over 20 years, graduating from the Emory University WOCNEC in 1996. Myra is the Director of Clinical Services for Corstrata, a Savannah, GA based Wound and Ostomy Telehealth company.

Myra previously worked for and retired from the LSU Health System in New Orleans as the Manager of WOC Clinical Services and Wound Healing Clinic and later served as CNO for an outpatient Wound Healing company, Wound Care Specialists, which served over 100 Wound Centers in 12 states.

Myra is active with the WOCN®, having served on Professional Practice Committee for 8 years and as Chair for four years. She has served on the WOCN® Wound Guidelines Task Force for the past 15 years and is the Primary Author of both the original and updated versions of the WOCN Clinical Practice Guideline: “Management of Wounds in Patients with Lower Extremity Neuropathic Disease”. Myra has published numerous papers on a variety of wound topics from Diabetes Charcot Foot Management to Frostbite and Biofilm. Myra is also an active member of the AAWC and serves as a Host Committee Member for that organization’s bi-annual SAWC conferences.

Myra’s clinical interests are telemedicine, wearable robotics and the use of other advanced technologies, population health, Diabetes limb preservation and the management of Traumatic injury wounds. She provides a variety of educational programs including Best Foot Forward!-for CFCN candidates, as well as onsite Wound Certification Prep Courses and online CE programs for Curaport, a web based national education firm. She resides in the greater New Orleans area.