Young Shin_Park

Ms. Young Shin Park MPH, RN

PhD student, University of Minnesota

My research focus is on the impact of neighborhoods on the health outcomes of older adults. My advisor is Dr. Donna Bliss, a professor in the School of Nursing, who is an expert in incontinence research and also recently completed an NIH grant involving analysis of US Census data. In addition, I am interested in how data from technology and information systems can be used to influence health policy and improve older adults’ health. Geographic Information Systems enable examination of complex interactions of the environment and health. Since I have started to map the available public toilets in the US, I had an opportunity to expand the issues relating to management in incontinence to the extent of city planning or policies beyond individual- or organization-level interventions.
In my PhD program, I have completed core courses on Nursing research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, two statistical analysis courses and Informatics course. I have took several courses to apply Geographic Information Systems in my research and also to pursue the GIS as my minor. I have worked as a research assistant at the School of Nursing analyzing data from the Omaha system used in home care and older adults’ perceptions on physical activities in community setting. Also, I am proficient in using statistical software and geo-computing software.
Prior to entering the PhD program, I have gained knowledge and appreciation of the role of information systems to collect, store, manage, and analyze health data to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and advance health related research. In my graduate Master degree program, I had experiences analyzing data from a Korean nationwide survey similar to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) or the Health and Retirement Study (HRS).